Real Wedding: Ina & Cyrus (Part 1)

23 09 2009
Oxon Hill Manor wedding

One of my favorite from Laura Kay Photography. Look at the lighting on her dress. Photo courtesy of Laura Kay Photography

I’ve always thought that if you have a solid plan for inclement weather, you would never have to use it. On a Saturday in August, for the first time in my career, I had to go to the rain plan for not 1 but 2 weddings! No matter! Plan B was just as awesome as Plan A!

Ina and Cyrus are such a darling couple. You can see why they work as a couple: she the more laid back, personable one; he the more cerebral one. Ina did much of the planning herself while Cyrus finished law school in Boston, where both would be moving to after the wedding. Like many modern couples, they relied on Skype. She always sought his input, even though he wasn’t physically there. A sign of a good marriage – communication!

So back to the rain. This was the weekend Hurricane Bill had passed by our area. It was a torrential downpour. I have to tell you a secret though – I think Plan B turned out to be more magical and more intimate than the original plan! Ina and Cyrus had a great time, smiling all day long. Here’s to remembering what this day is all about!

Visit the Laura Kay Photography blog for more photos.

Stay tuned for an overview of their wedding design and vendor round up!

– Vicky




One response

23 09 2009

I agree, Vicky! I think plan B worked a lot better than I imagine plan A would’ve, especially since our guest list ended up being much smaller than we’d expected! So intimate, so wonderful!! Go, Event Accomplished! 😀

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