Real Wedding: Family Backyard Fun in Potomac, Maryland (Part 3)

28 10 2010

Yes, we’ve been MIA. This wedding season has been crazy but we wanted to finish the story of Jessica and Bill’s wedding. Go back to Part 1 for the intro and Part 2 for Style Overview.

I have to admit theirs was one of my favorite ceremonies. Working with officiant, they put together a ceremony that was very inclusive of both families, having them participate in many parts of the ceremony. To me, this represented more of the Asian cultures where a wedding is more about the joining of two families than of two people.

Chinese Tea Ceremony: Prior to beginning the ceremony, Bill and Jessica performed the Chinese tea ceremony, offering tea to the elders in their families as a sign of respect, in exchange for some words of wisdom.

Chinese tea ceremony backyard wedding Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Ringing of the Bells: Just prior to the processional, Bill and Jessica’s nephews and cousins rang bells to signal the beginning of the ceremony. It is a tradition in many cultures to make some noise at weddings.  The old traditions of noise at weddings are because it was said that the noise scared away any evil spirits that might do harm to the couple or to their marriage.

bell ringers  wedding ceremony children backyard Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka


Water & Fire:  As part of the processional, 2 of Bill and Jessica’s nieces and cousins, carried 2 small jugs of water. Then the two mothers poured from each of the small jugs into a larger vessel. Then the two fathers along with Jessica and Bill performed the Unity Candle ceremony. Both of these rituals symbolizing the joining of two families

unique water ceremony wedding backyard Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Bread, Salt & Wine: In Ukrainian tradition, the presentation of bread and salt is a traditional way of offering greetings on special occasions. Their parents presented Bill and Jessica with bread, salt, and wine. The bread represents the parents’ hope that their children will never experience hunger or need, and the salt reminds the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life’s
struggles. With the wine, the parents hope that they will never thirst and that they will have a life of good health and cheer and share the company of many good friends.

Family Blessing: At the end of the ceremony, the officiant again invited both sets of parents and siblings to place their hands on the bride and groom to offer their blessings.

Lasting Memories

25 10 2010
American news womens club dc wedding ceremony

Photo: Labor of Love Photography

I received this lovely note from our client Alisa a few weeks ago. Alisa got married in 2007 on Friday the 13th, on a sunny spring day in DC, surrounded by cherry blossoms and a cannoli wedding cake from Vaccaro’s in Balitmore. We keep in touch on Facebook and am happy to know that she still has fond memories of that day! — Vicky

This weekend I was out in Colorado attending my brother’s wedding and the entire weekend everyone from my family kept coming over and saying how much they loved my wedding. 3 and a half years later they are still talking about how much fun they had and how organized it was. So, thank you again for making my wedding the best!

Sneak Peek: Hollywood Glam inspired couple in Washington Post

18 10 2010


hollywood glam wedding bride and groom

Photo: RMN Photography


Our cute September couple, Jim and Ria, was featured in the Washington Post‘s OnLove Section this past Sunday. What fun to see their faces in my Sunday paper. More about this wedding to come! — Vicky