Real Wedding: Backyard Indian-Inspired Fusion Wedding in Great Falls Virginia (Part 2)

27 07 2011

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At home wedding Great Falls VA L&A Tent Fall

Can you spot me in the tent? Photo: Kate Hauschka.

Trailer Restrooms: Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers. Vince and Val own this company and they make everything really easy. If you do a restroom trailer, best to have a dedicated generator just for the toilet.

Rental Equipment: DC Rental. Really accommodating since we had to have several visits to the showroom. We rented practically everything from them.

DJ: Amer Sultan. To prevent my client from having a disaster of a DJ, I told them to get out of the contract they had with the DJ they hired. I want to thank MyDeejay for referring Amer. He was so flexible, from dealing with providing sound for 2 outdoor areas, to coordinating with the dance instructor. He kept the dance floor hopping!

Flora Design: Helen Olivia. Marianne was a natural match for this couple and the mother of the bride, who was on task for the design. The flowers were so vibrant.

orange fuchsia wedding bouquets dahlias Helen Olivia

Photo: Kate Hauschka

orange fuchsia wedding flower arrangement Helen Olivia

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Cake: Hot Bakes n Cakes.

Photographer: Katharine Hauschka

Tent, Chairs, Tables: L&A Tent Rentals

Food: Masala Arts. One word of advice for using ethnic restaurant caterers – clarify exactly what the staff will be doing. The restaurants are typically not full service caterers. They don’t set up, clean up or break down or supply equipment. They bring the food. Period.

— Vicky

Real Wedding: Backyard Indian-Inspired Fusion Wedding in Great Falls Virginia (Part 1)

29 06 2011

Remember this Sneak Peek? Yeah I didn’t think so. Well no matter. Here is this wedding story.

With a wedding date like 10.10.10, I bet you will never forget your anniversary! I had to snap a photo of the clock of the microwave that morning. Look at what time it was!

Chelsea and Harish had glorious weather on their wedding day, with the event being held at her parents’ home. I really feel honored to be welcomed by the family into their home. Being there so often, I felt like I was imposing on them and their privacy. I just loved this family and wanted to share some of the highlights. Have I mentioned that I love fusion weddings?

They were an emotional family so that meant lots of crying.

At home Indian fusion wedding Great Falls VA

Chelsea and Harish rode in on a scooter for their introduction.

At home Indian fusion wedding bhangra dancing Sarina Jain

Sarina Jain, the Jane Fonda of India, taught the guests bhangra dancing. We got the largest dance floor that made sense and it was still not big enough.

at home Indian fusion wedding fuchsia orange tablescape

The color scheme of orange and fuchsia gave the wedding a happy vibe. DC Rental's linens played a big role in the overall look.

More next week — Vicky

One of our Meridian House weddings featured in Emmaline Bride

20 06 2011
Washington DC Meridian House wedding fall

Washington DC Meridian House wedding fall

Remember Aubrey and David’s fall wedding (and here) at the Meridian House in Washington, DC? More of their story on Emmaline Bride blog. Check it out! — Vicky

Real Wedding: A Fall Wedding at the Meridian House (Part 2)

12 01 2011

As stated in Part 1 here are the much-anticipated details of the ceremony and reception for Aubrey and David’s Fall wedding at the Meridian House.

The ceremony was  a coupling of a traditional Persian ceremony and a non-denominational ceremony.  The couple  sat at the traditional Persian ‘Sofreh-ye Aghd’ facing east. It is tradition that by facing east, the direction of sun, the couple faces the Light of God.  The Sofreh-ye Aghd is a traditional Persian spread of flowers, fruit, spices and objects that symbolize things the couple want in their marriage.

persian DC wedding meridian house

Photo: Stacey Veath Photography

After the “I do”, guests were treated to a fantastic garden cocktail hour among the beautifully lantern lit Linden trees.  Aubrey and Dave chose a palette of apple green, bright oranges and shades of pink to decorate their reception.  As a fun surprise for the couple, I had their escort cards placed among three trees and hung with green ribbon.

escort cards green ribbon Meridian House DC wedding cocktail hour

Photo: Stacey Vaeth Photography

Dinner was served at leisure through multiple stations and rooms by  Main Event CaterersWe provided the the table numbers and menu cards through Papeterie.  Aubrey and Dave decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and served cupcakes, provided by Georgetown Cupcakes,  and other confections for dessert.  All of this was topped off with some fantastic sliders toward the end of the evening.  While all of the delicious food was being devoured, there were just as many people dancing the night away to the DJ, Bryan George.

apple green and orange DC wedding Meridian House

Photo: Stacey Vaeth Photography

As favors they had cupcakes to go, which everyone loved!

Stay tuned for part 3 where I will the vendor team for Aubrey and Dave’s wedding. In the mean time, check out Stacey Vaeth’s blog for more photos.

Cheers! Megan

Real Wedding: A Fall Wedding at the Meridian House (Part 1)

22 12 2010

I first met Aubrey and Dave only two months before they planned to wed on October 23rd at one of our most loved venues, The Meridian House. While there was only two months until they said “I do” they had a vision and feeling of exactly how the wanted their special day to be shared.

persian wedding ceremony meridian house

Photo: Stacey Vaeth Photography

They could not have asked for better weather for an outdoor garden wedding in later October.  The ceremony was comprised of a traditional Persian ceremony, performed in Farsi, and a non-denominational ceremony.  The entire ceremony was beautiful and combined all elements that were important to Aubrey and Dave.

The cocktail hour immediately followed and Aubrey and Dave decided on the bright fall colors of green and shades of orange.  Dinner was served by Main Event, and as always, they did not disappoint.  DJ, Bryan George, did a fantastic job at keeping everyone on the dance floor too!

Stayed tuned for part 2 where  I go into the details of the ceremony and reception!


washington dc wedding meridian house

Photo: Stacey Vaeth Photography

Real Wedding: Family Backyard Fun in Potomac, Maryland (Part 4)

1 11 2010

Last part of Bill and Jessica’s wedding – Vendor Recap. Go back to Part 1 for the intro, Part 2 for Style Overview, and Part 3 (ceremony).

Catering: Fusions Cuisine Chef Jim Thompson is so creative with coming up with a menu that embraced Bill and Jessica’s lives, the places they’ve been and the foods that remind them of those place.

Potomac backyard wedding Fusions Cuisine bar

Photo: Kate Hauschka


Tent, Generators, Fans: L&A Tent Rentals. I’ve done several backyard weddings with the Drivers. L&A is a family owned business and they take good care of their customers. They were kind enough to hang all the paper lanterns for us!

Potomac backyard wedding pole tent paper lanterns L&A Tent Rentals

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Trailer Restrooms: Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers. Good experience here. The bathrooms are easy to operate and are in great condition. They even pipe music inside the bathrooms. It just requires access to water source and power. I recommend that you get the toilet its own generator.

Photographer: Katharine Hauschka. Chance would have it that this was the 2nd time I worked with Kate within a few months. Kate is really easy going. Her portraits of the couple are fun but have an intimate feel, focused close in on the couple, a little artsy. She gets a good balance of detailed shots and unscripted moments.

Musicians: St. Charles String Quartet. Great to work with and I love that they have a wide repertoire of music, ranging from classical to pop/rock tunes.

St. Charles String Quartet Potomac backyard wedding

Photo: Vicky Choy

DJ: Michael Perry

— Hope you enjoyed reading about this wedding as much as we did putting it together! Vicky

Real Wedding: Family Backyard Fun in Potomac, Maryland (Part 3)

28 10 2010

Yes, we’ve been MIA. This wedding season has been crazy but we wanted to finish the story of Jessica and Bill’s wedding. Go back to Part 1 for the intro and Part 2 for Style Overview.

I have to admit theirs was one of my favorite ceremonies. Working with officiant, they put together a ceremony that was very inclusive of both families, having them participate in many parts of the ceremony. To me, this represented more of the Asian cultures where a wedding is more about the joining of two families than of two people.

Chinese Tea Ceremony: Prior to beginning the ceremony, Bill and Jessica performed the Chinese tea ceremony, offering tea to the elders in their families as a sign of respect, in exchange for some words of wisdom.

Chinese tea ceremony backyard wedding Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Ringing of the Bells: Just prior to the processional, Bill and Jessica’s nephews and cousins rang bells to signal the beginning of the ceremony. It is a tradition in many cultures to make some noise at weddings.  The old traditions of noise at weddings are because it was said that the noise scared away any evil spirits that might do harm to the couple or to their marriage.

bell ringers  wedding ceremony children backyard Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka


Water & Fire:  As part of the processional, 2 of Bill and Jessica’s nieces and cousins, carried 2 small jugs of water. Then the two mothers poured from each of the small jugs into a larger vessel. Then the two fathers along with Jessica and Bill performed the Unity Candle ceremony. Both of these rituals symbolizing the joining of two families

unique water ceremony wedding backyard Potomac

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Bread, Salt & Wine: In Ukrainian tradition, the presentation of bread and salt is a traditional way of offering greetings on special occasions. Their parents presented Bill and Jessica with bread, salt, and wine. The bread represents the parents’ hope that their children will never experience hunger or need, and the salt reminds the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life’s
struggles. With the wine, the parents hope that they will never thirst and that they will have a life of good health and cheer and share the company of many good friends.

Family Blessing: At the end of the ceremony, the officiant again invited both sets of parents and siblings to place their hands on the bride and groom to offer their blessings.