Event Accomplished adds Associate Consultant

12 10 2009
DC Wedding Coordinator

Photo by Three Lights Photography

I am very excited to introduce our new associate event consultant, Megan Farris. This is a huge step for Event Accomplished as we strategically grow and this is one of several announcements we will be making in the near term.

Megan adds several valuable dimensions to the Event Accomplished team. A Northern Virginia native, Megan’s extensive knowledge of the area will be an asset. She knows more about the people and places of Alexandria and its surrounding areas than anybody I know. Second, the ability to analyze an event and see where the risks are is an important skill for an event planner. Megan’s experience in risk management allows her to think about the “what if” of your event and to always think of workable Plan “B”. I was really impressed with her attention to detail, creativity, proactive attitude, and ability to read people – all traits that will ensure that your event is a success! Megan holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from James Madison University.

Here’s the real scoop. I like Megan’s personal style, a little bit classic and a little bit edgy. She loves beer, wine and food – and that’s why we’ll get along famously!

Welcome to the team, Megan!

– Vicky



3 responses

12 10 2009

Yayyy, Megan! You were such a pillar at my rehearsal and wedding, and I’m so glad you’re officially part of the team! Can’t wait to see how else EA is growing! 😀 Forever a fan.

12 10 2009


15 10 2009

Congrats – such a big and exciting step!

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