Real Wedding: Family Backyard Fun in Potomac, Maryland (Part 4)

1 11 2010

Last part of Bill and Jessica’s wedding – Vendor Recap. Go back to Part 1 for the intro, Part 2 for Style Overview, and Part 3 (ceremony).

Catering: Fusions Cuisine Chef Jim Thompson is so creative with coming up with a menu that embraced Bill and Jessica’s lives, the places they’ve been and the foods that remind them of those place.

Potomac backyard wedding Fusions Cuisine bar

Photo: Kate Hauschka


Tent, Generators, Fans: L&A Tent Rentals. I’ve done several backyard weddings with the Drivers. L&A is a family owned business and they take good care of their customers. They were kind enough to hang all the paper lanterns for us!

Potomac backyard wedding pole tent paper lanterns L&A Tent Rentals

Photo: Kate Hauschka

Trailer Restrooms: Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers. Good experience here. The bathrooms are easy to operate and are in great condition. They even pipe music inside the bathrooms. It just requires access to water source and power. I recommend that you get the toilet its own generator.

Photographer: Katharine Hauschka. Chance would have it that this was the 2nd time I worked with Kate within a few months. Kate is really easy going. Her portraits of the couple are fun but have an intimate feel, focused close in on the couple, a little artsy. She gets a good balance of detailed shots and unscripted moments.

Musicians: St. Charles String Quartet. Great to work with and I love that they have a wide repertoire of music, ranging from classical to pop/rock tunes.

St. Charles String Quartet Potomac backyard wedding

Photo: Vicky Choy

DJ: Michael Perry

— Hope you enjoyed reading about this wedding as much as we did putting it together! Vicky



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