Occasionally Cake, Alexandria, VA

21 07 2010

Occasionally Cake alexandria 30th birthday cake for a shopping and wine loving girlAfter driving to my dad’s house near Mt. Vernon a few months ago, something caught my eye… CAKE.  There was a storefront on Route 1 that I had not seen before: Occasionally Cake.  I frantically looked for spot to turn around and was excited about my new find.  Turns out they are about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary!

This is a small store with direct view of the kitchen and a few seats to sit and enjoy a cupcake….or two.  I met Sabrina Campbell, cake designer and owner, and we chatted a bit about their cakes and cupcakes.  Fortunately, I had a surprise 30th birthday party coming up for one of best friends and decided to give her a try.  Right then and there we sketched all of the elements of what I wanted and it was spot on and it is all edible.

They have what seems like an encyclopedia of their own original cake flavors (honestly, 6 plus pages) to choose from. I picked up some cupcakes to taste test and they were good.  Sabrina’s artistic work is great and that is what really makes the cake spectacular.  Her attention to detail was really incredible.

Also take a look at their wedding cakes and you can check out their gallery online.

Happy Cake Hunting!





4 responses

21 07 2010

Being the recipient of this cake I have to say it was AMAZING! I was so impressed with the detail and personalization! It was more than I could have ever imagined in a cake. So impressed, I used them again for a birthday last month and that was incredible as well!

21 07 2010
Vicky Choy

Excellent! Megan shared some cupcakes from them once and they were tasty too! Glad they are not closer to my house or I’d be really fat! Vicky

21 07 2010

I was so confused, and then I realized that everything in the picture was edible! I was getting ready to read about some really awesome goody-bag you got! What a great find, Vicky!

21 07 2010
Vicky Choy

Can’t take credit for this one. It was all Megan.

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