Real Wedding: Colorful Fusion at Glen Echo Park (Part 2)

17 03 2010

Back in Part 1, we began the story of Erin and Koonal’s wedding.  Working with two very stylish people, I knew we would come up with a concept for their wedding that embraced everything about the two of them.

Style Inspiration: This wedding was truly the definition of a fusion wedding in every sense of the word. The wedding was a perfect mix of Erin and Koonal’s personal styles, which are more urban and trendy with a tiny mix of preppy, and their individual backgrounds. All of which were reflected in every choice they made.

Glen Echo Park Bumper Car Pavilion Wedding

The Bumper Car Pavilion set for dinner and dancing

With a highly stylized venue like Glen Echo Park, there is a fine line between coming up a with a look that worked with, rather than fight against, the character of the space and a look that can be seen as kitschy. Thoughts of Cotton Candy or Popcorn carts came to mind but we decided to be inspired by the park rather than replicate it.  The table numbers had an illustration of a bumper car, which was the closest we got to anything park related. The bride wanted a ‘stylish country’ feel so we used chicken wire fencing as the backing for holding the escort cards, which had a photo of each guest with the bride or groom. The hanging round paper lanterns helped to make the space feel more intimate.

bumper car illustration table number

Can you see the bumper car illustration amidst the flowers? Our talented graphic designer embedded the table number in the bumper car!

escort cards clipped to chicken wire

Guests looking for their table assignments. Each escort card had a photo of the guest with the bride or groom.

Colors: The colors for the wedding were inspired by the two different color shawls worn by the bridesmaids. One had orange and fuchsia, and the other had teal and purple. These vibrant colors are prominent in Hindu wedding decor and attire, a nod to the groom’s heritage. We used them throughout in the ceremony decor, all the paper products [click here to see their design set], the flowers, the linens, and the lanterns. We used teal and purple linens for cocktail hour and then orange and fuchsia linens for dinner. The white napkins and chairs calmed the vibrant colors.

colorful silk wraps

Close up of the wraps worn by the bridesmaids that inspired the whole color palette.

The Setting: For the ceremony, Erin and Koonal wanted to honor their respective families and treat it as a sacred and reverential experience. Because they wanted it to be more formal, they chose Oxon Hill Manor and its beautiful mansion and grounds. We completely switched gears for the reception. Erin and Koonal wanted this part of the celebration to be much more casual and relaxed so they chose Glen Echo Park. What a hidden gem! Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served in the Cuddle Up, while dinner and dancing were held in a former Bumper Car Pavilion.

Glen Echo Park Cuddle Up for wedding cocktail hour

Cocktail hour in the Cuddle Up

Glen Echo Park Bumper Car Pavilion night wedding reception

Bumper Car Pavilion lit up at night

Wedding ceremony – The ceremony took place under a mandap and was performed by a Lutheran minister and a Hindu priest. The groom and his family began with a bharat, a processional with joyous music and dancing. [Read more about Hindu weddings here] During the ceremony, the couple lit a unity candle. The basic structure of the ceremony was a Lutheran ceremony with important Hindu elements inserted. It all worked really well together. I really enjoy fusion ceremonies and seeing how two different religions combine at the joining of two people.

Oxon Hill Manor Hindu wedding bharat

The groom's family led the bharat and was soon to be greeted by the bride's family.

Oxon Hill Manor Hindu wedding

Due to rain, we had to move the ceremony indoors. Otherwise, it would have taken place out in the gorgeous gardens

Food: With the bride and groom and a number of their guests being vegetarians, we had a great time working with Windows Catering on coming up with a menu. The final menu had a balanced selections of Indian and American flavors, ending with a sundae bar perfect for summer weddings.

Stay tuned for Part 3, the vendor roundup! — Vicky

All Photos (except the one of the wraps): Joseph Allen Photography



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