Included in Wedding Guest Survival Tips Top 10 List!

7 01 2010

SWSbannerDoes it seem like all your friends are getting engaged? Are you ready for the onslaught of wedding season? To prepare, you need to check out  Surviving Wedding Season

“Survive Wedding Season is a unique online destination specifically designed for wedding guests. Survive Wedding Season offers smart products, advice from seasoned wedding industry professionals, and personal wedding season survival tips from guests like you. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a first time guest, Survive Wedding Season solves the most common (and extraordinary) of wedding worries and makes you wedding season survival savvy!”

We are thrilled that our tip on “What to expect at a Hindu Wedding” has made it onto their 2009 Top 10 list! Check out the Top 10 list for other great tips. Our first article, “To Bring A Date Or Not To Bring A Date That Is The Question That Is Not Up To You Wedding Guest,” addressed the dreaded issue for single wedding guests.

Email us with your ideas on other wedding related topics that you have often wondered about!

— Vicky




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