Real Wedding: Marix & Arjay (Part 3)

14 09 2009

Go back for Part 1 and Part 2 (vendor round up).

Finally, here are some of the day’s photos. These are clearly my pics. Go to Rick Martin’s blog for more professional photos.

2941 Restaurant wedding

We used a mix of square & round tables. The 2 tall floral arrangements made a 2nd appearance. They were the altar arrangements.

red modern floral centerpiece

You can see the custom overlay the bride brought from the Philippines underneath the modern, red floral centerpiece from Heaven on Earth flowers.

2941 Restaurant wedding cake

Is this cake gorgeous or what?! It was made by the restaurant's in-house pastry chef.

wedding sky lantern

At the end of the evening, Marix and Arjay sent off several sky lanterns. You light the bottom of the lantern, once it heats the air in the lantern, it flies off like a hot air balloon. Yeah, I freaked out a bit with the fire but i was really cool!



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11 03 2014

Hello! Great info – thanks so much. Where did this couple go to launch their sky lantern? I want to do that in the NoVA/DC area but am not sure if there are any restrictions!

11 03 2014
Vicky Choy

HI Mary – thanks for reading our blog. We launched the sky lanterns in a grassy area next to the reception site. You want an open field if possible with not too many trees so the lanterns doesn’t get caught as they rise. Good luck, Vicky

12 03 2014

Vicky, thank you so much! I am considering this reception site as well, and have been wondering if there would be a way to launch a few sky lanterns! Thanks 🙂

12 03 2014
Vicky Choy

Mary – we did it just pass the patio as far away from the building as possible. It’s not the ideal site and we only launched one or two. Good luck, Vicky

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