Real Wedding: Marix & Arjay (Part 1)

14 08 2009

Got an awesome note today from a recent bride! Oh happy day!

2941 Restaurant weddingHi Vicky,

Yesterday was awesome….I didn’t get the chance to truly thank you for ALL the help and support you gave us.  The vendors you recommended were all awesome – Eric was great! Linda was great (flowers were really beautiful), Rick and Bruce were amazing and very gifted photographers, Mike Valenti – oh my what can I say about Mike he was awesome…even going onto the dance floor to lead the dancing!  Even the vendors you never worked before were great!  Le Salon at Tyson’s and Suzanne was really nice…her make up lasted until 3:30am!

Thank you soooo much, Vicky!  We truly, truly appreciate eveything!

Thanks Marix and Arjay! I had a blast helping you plan your wedding and wish you guys all the best!

OK stay tuned for a vendor round up (Part 2) and photos/recap (Part 3) soon.

— Vicky



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