So you want a job with us?

13 04 2009

Recently, I have received many inquiries for part time and full time employment and for internships. Happy to oblige and I would love the help. However, I’ve seen such a lack of attention to detail (a skill absolutely necessary in this profession) with these employment inquiries that they make me wonder about the quality of the candidate! Many of these can be corrected if you just read about what you should put in your resume and how it should be presented for any job. Others are specific to this industry.

So here goes some unsolicited advice:

  • Do not put on your resume, cover letter, or introductory email that you love watching wedding-related TV shows. Come on! You expect me to take you seriously after that? Strike 1.
  • Do not just tell me that you are a newlywed and planned your own wedding and that is the only reason you give me for why I should hire you. Strike 2.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE proofread and spell check your resume and cover letter before you send it to me. Lack of attention to detail. In the toss pile. Strike 3.
  • Use my name instead of To Whom this May Concern, especially if you have just spoken to me on the phone.
  • Recent graduates, ONE PAGE RESUMES please.
  • I understand you may be looking at different kinds of jobs but please tailor your resume to an event planner position. Do some research on-line and find out the skills needed for an event planner.
  • Read this blog and read my website. It tells me that you took the time to research our company and find out what we are about. It shows that you really are interested in working with us.
  • Please be terse. Get to your point quickly. I have the attention span of a gnat. See bullet #5.



4 responses

13 04 2009

You couldn’t have said it better!

14 04 2009

I totally agree! Great post!

14 04 2009

So very true. It really is about details and having the passion. There is so many planners and also to be planenrs that feel that because they did their own wedding, then they should jump right in…..big mistake! Read, Learn, intern, shadow and then see if it’s a perfect fit!

16 04 2009
Kawania @ Howerton+Wooten Events

Great post Vicky!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

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