Meet: Jessica Piscitelli of Jessica Pi Video

15 03 2009

Jessica is the owner of Jessica Pi Video. She attend the NYU Tisch School (my brother’s alma mater also) and has over 10 years of experience in the film industry and in videotaping weddings. Recently named one of Washingtonian Magazine’s best videographers, you will not meet a nicer person!

Jessica and I shared very similar stories as to why you should give videos a little more love and a second chance! Looking back at my own wedding pictures, I still do not recall what hubby and I were laughing at during our ceremony. It was something the priest said about priorities (and he held up a copy of the programs) and the pictures showed that it was funny. But without a video, we’ll never know! This is the same scenario in Jessica’s opening video. See for yourself!

Jessica and I were discussing the topic of why videos often play second fiddle to photography for a wedding. My guess is that photography is easy to show in a magazine. Wedding blogs are full of photographs. I find this totally ironic. You can’t put a video in a magazine but you would think with the web, that videos would be more prominent. Granted, photographs are immediate and are easier to display. You don’t have to click anything like you would a video.

Videos are one of these budget items that couples often cut out. They go into planning already decided that they will or will not have a video. They are rarely indecisive about it.

What do you think? Why do couples give videos such little love?



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