The Most Effective Way to Save Money on Your Wedding

5 12 2008

wedding budget

With the economy now officially in a recession, brides and grooms are asking me more often the question of how to have a wonderful wedding on a smaller budget. While there are lots of ways to cut back on excess and go back to basics, THE BEST way to save money is still lowering your guest count. Now, I know everybody balks when I make this suggestion. Everybody. Nobody wants to cut the guest list. Let me break it down and show you the money … I mean, math.

For every table of 10 people, it costs you:

  • $100 – $150 centerpiece
  • $800-$1500 food, basic dinner ware and catering labor ($80-$150 per person)
  • $150 drinks
  • $40 table and basic linens
  • $40-$80 chairs rental
  • $50 favors
  • $50 paper products

Total: $1230-$2020.

The bottom line is, for every 10 person you remove from your guest list, you save about $1000.

Are you convinced now?



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