Chalk it Up – Part 2

2 12 2008

A few months back, I blogged about these chalk board oilcloths. My love for all this chalk board has found another way to chalk it up! Check out these cool chalk board candles from Sundance! It comes with 3 colored chalks.

chalk board candles from Sundance

chalk board candles from Sundance

At $24, it’s kind of pricey, don’t you think? So I was thinking crafty folks could buy much cheaper clear glass votive holders and spray paint them in chalk board paint yourself for the same effect!! Some ideas:

  • Votive Size: Escort “cards”, place “card”
  • Pillar/Larger Size: table markers, guestbook (have a guests leave you message. Seal with polyurethane after wedding), gift cards holder, menus (if you use a tall rectangular vase)

What other ways can you think of to use for your wedding?



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