Tea for Two

20 06 2008

Those of you that know me knows that I’m a major tea drinker. The only time I drink coffee is when I go to a diner. Don’t know why. So I am always looking for ways to share my love of tea with others and have found these great favors.

Wedding Tea from Crate & Barrel $3.95 each

5 tea sachets of Chinese Mutan white tea, infused with a hint of lemon-vanilla and pink rosebuds.

These tins from Adagio Teas ($1.85 each for 100)

You can personalize the label, choose different color organza bags and fill the tins with a variety of tea.

You don’t have to buy the gift sets. Some of the teas today have such great packaging that you can simply bundle them up with a bow and they would look great on their own. Revolution Tea sells the T-Mini tins with 6 infuser bags and the T-Box single servings. Both have colorful packaging. (I love the mint tea and have given them out as gifts)



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