I See Red and it’s Glorious!

29 04 2008

My Google Reader is full of blogs about planning weddings, interior design, business and local news. In many of the blogs I read, there is nothing but “Wedding Pretty,” or photos of real weddings, inspiration boards, pictures of couture dresses that nobody can afford on a real salary, progress photos of a bride working on her latest Gocco project. With so many pictures, I get sensory overload. So I scroll on, never really stopping to process what I was seeing, until today. I saw this inspiration board of red on the Wedding Chicks blog and it literally stopped me in my tracks! First, red is my favorite color. Just look at how bold each element is. Red is a great color, depending on which shade of red you use. It can be romantic, sassy, preppy, glamorous and many other adjectives. I just had to share.

a red wedding

So I took a stab at a red inspired collage.

Top left: brides.com. I just love chunky things, including these great candlesticks.

Top right: pinchmysalt.wordpress.com. Love strawberries.

Bottom Left: dkimages.com. Love spicy food.

Bottom Right: Nordstroms.com. I carried a red clutch for my wedding day.

my red inspiration board




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