DC ISES Capital Awards Gala 2008

28 04 2008

I always try to volunteer at various events in order to learn more from seasoned professionals and see how different events are put together. So this year, after returning home the night before at 1:30am from a wedding and having no feeling in my feet, I got up early the next day to volunteer at the DC ISES Capital Awards Gala. I had a great time volunteering last year. Held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC (we were here in 2006 for a wedding), this is an annual event that recognizes the best in the special events industry in DC. This was a huge team effort to put the whole thing together. In some of the pictures, you can see lighting, sound, floral design, hotel staff, performers, volunteers all working at the same time in the same space. It was a huge undertaking! I had the pleasure of helping Janet Flowers with the tablescapes and Jodi Moraru‘s team with setting up the VIP reception and the awards portfolio room. Here are my photos. I’ll post the professional ones when they become available.

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5 05 2008

That was you!!!!! I volunteered with Janet Flowers too on that day! In fact, I worked with her from 7am until 3pm. I remember when you arrived and I thought to myself, “I wonder if that is Vicky Choy?” Oy! I should have said something. — Next time.

6 05 2008

Oh man! I wish I knew you would be there too.

8 05 2008
Soiree Special Events » Blog Archive » DC ISES Gala 2008

[…] We started off the party with a lovely indoor/outdoor cocktail hour in a part of the hotel extended by a tent:It was a little too chilly to go outside but here are some beautiful event spaces on the grounds of the hotel:Next we were ushered into a ballroom for the presentation of the awards! To see the big list of winners, check out the DC ISES website. I didn’t take too many photos here but here’s what the stage looked like:Then it was on to dinner! We were escorted down the steps to the lower ballroom. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful string ensemble lining the steps:These beautiful cherry blossom arrangements lined the lower hallway leading into the ballroom:Down the hallway there were gorgeous displays of candles. I took a photo with my flash so you could see just how many vases there were: Although the effect without my camera’s flash is SO much better:The entire hallway:As the guests entered the ballroom I’m pretty sure everyone let out a collective “ooooh!”A few lounges in the same color scheme bordered the room: Several tablescapes combined together created a beautiful effect for the room. Everything was themed mostly in black and white but there were little pops of green here and there. This ‘bling lampshade’ is one of my favorites! Do you recognize it from the Fairmont party? This versatile piece is rather like a chameleon….same piece but totally different look: I love these little bling globes:This one was my favorite! I’m partial because I sat at a table with one of these guys. It’s a huge natural tree painted white with crystal chains hung from the branches. From each crystal strand they attached gorgeous cymbidium orchids:There was even an Asian paper cutter on hand! This guy cut out silhouettes and fun paper masks for guests to wear. He truly was an artist and was very entertaining to watch:For a list of all the amazing contributors to this very special event, check out the Gala page on the ISES website! There are simply too many wonderful people who pitched in to make this event happen. Special thanks to Washington Talent for the use of their room photo above — if you’d like to see more professional photos of this event go to VisualWow.com and enter “dcisesgala” as the password. Vicky also took some great shots and put them on her blog! […]

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