What’s New at eaBlog 2.0?

4 04 2008

So what’s going to be different about the new blog, you might ask? Let’s see …

  • Shorter blog entries. I have the attention spam of a gnat so I’m not sure why I used to be so verbose sometimes. Cliff Notes versions of various ideas and topics.
  • More local content. As we did the the old blog, we will continue to bring you news and ideas from local resources. If we see something cool globally, we’ll tell you where you can get it here in the DC area.
  • Focus on creating experiences. We want your guests to have such a wonderful time that they wish the party would never end! To achieve this, it’s going to take thoughtfulness from the moment your guests first encounter your event to the moment they leave. So we are going to bring you ideas that can help create the best party ever!

We hope you enjoy what’s to come. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve what we can bring to you as event planners. Looking forward to creating extraordinary experiences for you and your guest!

Vicky & the event accomplished team




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